Who says you can’t have a premium health plan without paying a premium for it? The NAVZERO Health Plan is a level funded (10 or more enrolled Ees) or self-insured major medical health plan that has incorporated many of the cost containment strategies featured on this site. With NAVZERO you can now offer your small, mid-sized and large groups a more competitively priced health plan with better benefits, no disruption, and with a superior member experience.

Solution for Rising Healthcare Costs

As group health insurance rates continue to rise, more and more cost shifting is put back on the employee in the form of higher out-of-pocket expenses. While increased health insurance costs can be draining to employers, higher out-of-pocket expenses can be overwhelming for the average person or family. The NAVZERO Cash Pay Health Plan offers a solution. Our cash pay program drives significant savings to the plan for more competitive rates, while members can receive quality healthcare services at ZERO out-of-pocket costs.

Here’s How It Works

The NAVZERO Health Plan is a dual option point of service health plan that offers traditional PPO benefits alongside our exclusive “Navigated Care” benefit option. When the member chooses “Navigated Care”, they pay ZERO out-of-pocket costs, otherwise they use their PPO benefits. Our “Navigated Care” program is changing the antiquated healthcare payment system by paying cash for services upfront, ensuring fair and transparent transactions agreed upon in advance. Using the “Navigated Care” benefit is easy. Members just have one number to call, and an expert Care Navigator will guide them to high quality providers in their area and the member pays ZERO!

Our exclusive “Navigated Care” benefit is a win-win for providers, members and employers. Providers receive a fair, agreed upon cash payment by date of service and don’t need to bill the insurance/plan. The member has ZERO out of pocket cost and never has to worry about receiving confusing EOBs or collection requests after receiving services. The employer can provide better benefits at lowers costs.

Navigated Care Benefits Include


Traditional PPO Network Benefits

We know some members may not always want to be Navigated, therefore the NAVZERO Health Plan includes a traditional PPO option complete with In-Network and Out-of-Network benefits to give members a choice at point of service. We offer national and regional PPO network options.

Virtual Primary Care, Urgent Care, Mental Health

Our health plan provides unlimited 24/7 virtual primary care, urgent care and mental health services all at ZERO cost to the member. Our virtual team works hand in glove with our Care Navigators to make sure members are getting the best possible care and understand all their health plan options.

Employer Health Plan Solution Big & Small

The NAVZERO Health Plan is a robust major medical plan that meets and exceeds ACA compliance. It can be sold as level funded or self-insured, depending on the size and risk appetite of the employer group. Plans are available for employers as small as ten (10) enrolled employees with no limits on larger groups. Great for groups currently fully insured, level-funded, or self-funded looking for better benefits at lower cost with sustainable renewals.

What is an ideal client for the NAVZERO Health Plan?

Employers that…

  • recognize raising deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses to offset higher costs is unsustainable.
  • like having expert Care Navigation for guidance with their health plan.
  • want their employees to have access to the best possible benefits at no cost.
  • have employees that will engage in their health plan to pay ZERO dollars.
  • desire access to the health plan data and reporting they rightfully own.
  • want to share in the plan savings.
  • are looking for better benefits at lower costs and sustainable renewals.

Health Plan Solutions integrated with NAVZERO Health Plan

  • Care Navigation / Member Concierge
  • Provider Cash Payment
  • Direct Primary Care or Virtual Primary Care
  • High-Cost Medical Claims Review Services
  • Transparent PBM / Specialty Drug Programs
  • Quality Third Party Administration (TPA)
  • Cost & Quality Metrics
  • Reporting & Data Analytics
  • Bundled Transparent Payments
  • Second Opinions

For more details on any of the Health Plan Solutions listed above please see the Health Plan Solutions page.

How do I get a quote?

NAVZERO Health Plans are available for quoting. Please submit the pertinent information displayed below on your groups with 10 or more enrolled employees to

  • Group name, address, SIC code, effective date
  • Producer Compensation as a PEPM
  • Member-level census of all eligible employees and dependents including:
    • First and last name
    • Birth date
    • Gender
    • Home address (if available)
    • Home Zip code
    • Coverage type (EE, ES, EC, EF, Waiver)
    • Relationship to employee (EE, SP, CH)
    • What plan the employee is participating in (if more than one plan offered)
    • COBRA or Retiree status
  • Current plan design(s)
  • Current and renewal rates (if available)
  • Claims experience for groups currently level funded or self-funded or if available
  • Completed Individual health questionnaires (only if available)

For more information on NAVZERO’S level funded or self-funded plans or to discuss strategy about a particular group please contact Chad Olson at or 602.692.1109.