Advisor Partners

Your Strategic Health Plan Partner

Navigation Health was founded to support employee benefit advisors and their clients with alternative level funded or self-funded health plan options that save 15% to 30% from the traditional carrier/ASO and PPO offerings.   However, we are not just another health plan option for quoting and placement on a spreadsheet along with all the other carriers/vendors. We want to be your strategic health plan partner. Navigation Health works with advisors and employers that are not just looking for the status quo but are open to, or in need of, strategies that will have a major impact not only on healthcare spend at renewal but for years to come. With that, we are excited to offer the NAVZERO Health Plan which leverages the power of cash payment to lower healthcare costs and incentivizes member behavior with the guidance of expert Care Navigators.

What is an ideal client for the services of Navigation Health?

  • Groups that are tired of the double-digit year after year increases and open to change.
  • Advisors who are tired of delivering the news of double-digit increases and are open to a better solution.
  • Employers that want more control of their health plan (own vs rent) through reporting and plan design.
  • Brokers who want to bring more value (be an Advisor) rather than just shopping and spreadsheeting the same ole carriers/vendors.
  • Hard to renew cases due to large claim during plan year but is not ongoing or due to high-cost specialty drug(s).
  • Groups that want to save 15% to 30% in just the first year but understand some changes need to be made to make that happen.
  • Advisors actively looking to grow their business by bringing more value to the marketplace.

How does Navigation Health get paid for its services?

Navigation Health builds a per employee per month (pepm) fee into the administrative fee to the employer. There is no cost to the broker/advisor for our services.  Think of us as your partner for innovative health plan solutions for your clients or potential clients that are a good fit.

How do I get paid?

We build a custom per employee per month advisor fee into the rates. You tell us what you want to make. Our stop-loss partners and PBM partner quote net of commissions.

How do I get a quote?

NavZero Health Plans are available for quoting. Please submit the pertinent information displayed below on your groups with 10 or more enrolled employees to

  • Group name, address(es), SIC code, the effective date
  • Producer Compensation as a PEPM
  • Member-level census of all eligible employees and dependents including:
    • First and last name​
    • Birthdate​
    • Gender​
    • Home Address (if available)
    • Zipcode employee resides in​
    • Coverage type (single, EE/SP, EE/CH, Fam)​
    • Relationship to employee
    • What plan the employee is participating in (if more than one plan offered
    • COBRA or Retiree status​
  • Current plan design(s)​
  • Current and renewal rates (if available)​
  • Claims experience for groups currently level funded or self-funded or if available
  • Completed Individual health questionnaires (if available)

For more details on Navigation Health’s level funded or self-funded plans or to discuss strategy about a particular group please contact Chad Olson at or 602.692.1109.